Employer Portal Updates

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of new and improved features for the employer jobsite reporting portal.  This latest update focuses on reporting enhancements along with improving your overall user experience.

New: Work day / early start
We've added a section on the job reports to report the regular hour work day.  If the job starts prior to the typical 8:00 AM, an early start request is created to inform the district council for confirmation and approval.

Revised: Make up day reporting
Reporting workflow update for this type of job instance.  A reporting request is created and sent to the district council for confirmation and approval.

Along with email notifications on these new request types, new pages have been added to view the statuses of requests between the employer and district council.

Improved: Job detail list views
Supplemental job reports (Overtime, Make up Day, etc.) have been reformatted in the system and are in easier to read list views.

The update will be released within the upcoming weeks.

Our goal is to improve job reporting and communication between the employers and the district council.  Your feedback is important to us.  If you have suggestions for improving the system, please let us know your feedback by filling out a short survey.