Political Newsletter

We are not even through the primary and the gubernatorial race is going through its own trials and tribulations. JB Pritzker and company are setting the standards and coming out fighting for all of middle class Illinoisans.

His camp is also committed to continuing the fight for women’s rights and equality in Illinois and to expand opportunities for people to get healthcare across the state. He is focused on expanding educational opportunities; making sure every child has access to a quality education. JB also believe that the rich should pay their fair share and the burden should not be solely on the middle class.

JB has stated that if he is elected governor he will abolish the term “Right to Work” in the state of Illinois. (That’s something we have never heard from a candidate before). He also told volunteers in Springfield over this past weekend that Gov. Bruce Rauner has been attacking organized labor and seeking to undermine the ability of unions to represent workers. 

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about Right to Work? So I ask you, “Vote JB, and protect our Unions collective bargaining agreement”.

Dennis Roach
Business Rep./Political Dir.

Please help us with the fight against Governor Rauner and the attack on working people by volunteering for Political Duty. Contact Tracy at Painters District Council # 14 for more information: 312-421-0046