Spring 2017 Newsletter

Letter From The Business Manager / Secretary Treasurer:

Spring has sprung and so has the construction season in the Chicagoland area. This year looks to be very busy with working hours going up even further than they were last year. Along with the increased hours we will be dealing with the challenges that come with it. Things like meeting our increased Qualified manpower needs, Policing the industry for cheating contractors and non-union contractors trying to steal our unions work. These challenges can and will be met through our apprenticeship programs, Journeyman upgrade classes and, OSHA certifications. Your unions Business Representatives and Organizers due diligence will also enforce our foot print in the construction industry. 

As many of you know one of the biggest challenges facing us this year is that our Current Painters and Drywall Tapers Collective Bargaining agreements are set to expire May 31st. Though difficult at times, we at District Council #14 are fully committed to the needs of the current market environment and as well as our members needs while working through negotiating those respective agreements. We are committed to secure a strong presence not only for this year but for years to come for our members and their families. This will be done by strengthening our pensions, health insurance and pushing to secure new sources of work that was lost years ago, so our members have a continuous flow of work. We don’t take this task lightly and will do all we can not to go on strike. But as the saying goes HOPE FOR THE BEST BUT PREPARE FOR THE WORST.

If we are forced to have a strike, we have set up a Strike fund to help preserve our future. Picket duty pay will be paid to current members of Painters’ District Council #14 that walk a line for our union. This is to help supplement out of pocket losses in wages you may have incurred during the strike.

In this newsletter, you will find a reprint of a card that has been handed out for years entitled “A GOOD UNION MEMBER”. Please read it and follow the advice given for respecting your union or any union picket lines you may encounter this summer. There are over 14 unions currently in negotiations as of the printing of this newsletter.  Any one of them may be forced to go on strike so be prepared.

For updated information on our contract negotiations you can contact your Local Union Representative, or check our website at  www. pdc14.com. We are also offering text message alerts for our members.  To sign up for text messages please call the council at (312)421-0046 or email us at  info@pdc14.com please include your name, cell phone  number, and Local Union number.

Remember “United we Stand, Divided we Beg!” —and We are not Begging!


John Spiros Jr.
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer