Summer 2019 Newsletter

Hopefully as this newsletter hits your mailbox, the weather has improved to a normal spring/summer temperature and you’re getting the opportunity to enjoy it.

A few months back I had the opportunity to speak to a member who was at the Painters District Council as part of an investigation into allegations made about one member against another. Although  I wasn’t involved in the investigation I stopped to talk to this member about work, home life and things in general. During that conversation he made a statement that there was only one or two people who cared about the members. Obviously, I corrected him immediately telling him how that was untrue and how the District Council works hard to represent and defend all the members. Since that conversation it has bothered me that we have members who may truly believe that. 

I want all our members to know that if you are a member of this union, we will always do our best to protect you.   Whether it’s for wages or benefits owed to you, sexual harassment, racial discrimination or job site abuse we are here for you. We even offer members a free counseling service for more personal issues. I cannot guarantee 100% success on every case, but I can guarantee 100% failure if you do not inform us about a work related problem. A couple of key points to remember is to bring up any problems in a timely manner. The longer a situation is not addressed the harder it is to get it corrected. Cases can be corrected with total anonymity please have proof, documentation, and witnesses. If we have no solid proof, we cannot take it to a court of law.

It matters not if you attend union meetings, (although we encourage you to) or utilize our picnics, STAR classes, or volunteer for charity projects. Nor will it matter if you’re a Drywall Taper, a Painter, a Glazier, a Wood Finisher, Metal Polisher, Sign Painter, or Industrial Worker. 
I promise you this . . .   We are here to enforce our contracts and protect our membership Period. 


John Spiros Jr.
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer