Winter 2017 Newsletter

Letter From The Business Manager / Secretary Treasurer:

Well another year has come and gone. This year has sure been an eventful one for District Council 14 members. As we look forward to the upcoming holidays let’s pause and look at some of the highlights of the past year.

DC 14 negotiated a new contract with both the Painters and Drywall Taper Contractors Associations. Utilizing the survey that was sent out to all our painter and taper members the agenda was set on what our members wanted. With a strike looming, we secured a 4-year contract that benefited both labor and management while guaranteeing higher wages, a secure health insurance, and pension over the next 4 years.

Our website ( has given our members better access to what is happening in their union. It also has created a mechanism to track contractors and general contractors that are both union and non-union, so we can get a better grip on work being performed in DC 14’s area, as well as hold our representatives and organizers accountable for their job performance. Using this information, we have stepped  up pursuing more union work for our members.

Numerous pickets and demonstrations have turned  non-union jobs into man days worked by our members.  Our latest “Job action” has been pursuing “Intersection Media” currently doing work for the Chicago Transit Authority. You may have seen our demonstrations or heard of them on the radio. The Law firm Goldberg, Weisman and Cairo had a $500,000 contract with Intersection Media for advertising on buses all over the city. To support the District Council #14 and Union labor they have pulled their contract with Intersection Media. We thank them for the supporting our Union and all Union work.

With the new contract we have developed a new Market recovery initiative, which helps our contractors bid competitively on jobs that would normally go non-union.  So far, this year it has brought in approximately 15,000 union hours with full wages and benefits for DC 14 members. We look forward to this growing even larger  with our contractor’s support in the upcoming years.

We will be returning to Blue Cross/Blue Shield for our Health insurance on January 1, 2018. In an effort to save our funds money and a promise of little inconvenience to our members we changed our insurance in 2017 from Blue Cross /Blue Shield to Cigna Health Care. During this past year we received many complaints from our members that there were problems with providers and claims being covered. Because of inconveniences to our members and their families we decided this change proved to be too much.  

The Painters and Tapers STAR (Safety Training Award Recognition) gave away their 11th car. The Glaziers raffled off their 10th Car at their Star banquet this year. Both programs also raffled off big screen tv’s, computers, gift cards and numerous of other prizes. All in the effort to keep our members safe on job sites.

Painters and Tapers District Council 14 has given over $312,000 in scholarships to our members families going to college this year.

We held our 13th annual picnic for District Council #14 members and their families, with over 1500 attendee’s. A good time was had by all with good food, clowns, games and live music.

The young Lions committee has increased in size and participation. Holding meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. This year’s Young Lions events included a paint ball event, food drive with the “Golden can awards” for the local that collects the most canned food for the food pantries, Football banquet at the District Council, and a young workers Investment seminar held at the apprenticeship school.

The DC 14 Women’s committee on Organizing has continued growing and lending a hand with different events from helping with the Annual book bag give away, Labor Day parade, and having a Candle Light Bowling event.  They also participated in the annual Women Build Nations Conference at the Hyatt Regency McCormick place. Where over 1600 women from around the nation were in attendance. They also hosted a Chicago Women in the Trades Job fair at the Painters training facility, where young women wishing to enter the trades receive some hands-on training demonstrations by the Dry wall, Glazing, and Painting instructors.

Glaziers Local 27 has had 73 new apprentices starting at their training facility.  The Glaziers, Painters and Tapers are looking at becoming a fully accredited training facility. This gives the graduates of all three training programs the potential of receiving college credits after graduating from the apprenticeship program.

There is a merger of locals 273 and 180 that is currently in the process and should be complete by January 1, 2018.

We have had numerous politicians visit both our Union Hall and our training facilities to better educate them of what our union and our trades are all about. Most were amazed at our Training facility and programs that are required to be a true tradesperson at no cost to the tax payers.

We have had Dollars Against Diabetes Collections, Political Rallies, Blood Drives, Urban league book bag give away, Numerous volunteer painting events for special Olympics, veterans homes and the underprivileged.

These are but a few of the things going on behind the scenes at the Painters District Council. As we enter the holiday season know that your union is working to make next year even more successful.

Better yet come get involved with the union to help make 2018 the best year ever.


John Spiros Jr.
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer