Local #184

Founded on August 6, 1890.


Painters Local 184 was chartered on March 15, 1887. The Local was established by Eastern European immigrants who all lived on the southeast side of Chicago. Their meeting location has changed several times over the years, but they currently meet in Worth, at approximately 111th and Harlem Ave.

The Local consists of Painters and Drywall Finishers and has a diverse ethnic mix. Local 184 has a rich history of its members being involved in the District Council leadership and apprenticeship program. Local 184 holds the distinct honor of having the first ever Drywall Finishing Instructor/Coordinator within DC 14. Joseph Perch eventually went on to become an elected Business Representative for Painters District Council 14. Matt Chamorro and Joe Tyrakowski are currently JATC instructors and James Watte is a retired JATC instructor/coordinator. There have been several other retired officers or members who also served as instructors. The Local is proud to have an active membership; they are involved in DC 14 activities as well as helping the surrounding communities.

Business Representatives / Organizers

Andrew Perch - Business Representative

P: 312.421.0046 ext. 184


Jose Alcala - President

Andrew Pehr - Vice President

Rudy Vrabec - Recording Secretary

Amer Cafi - Treasurer

Matt Chamorro - Financial Secretary

Axel Chamorro - Warden


Stephan Lloyd

Joe Tyrakowski

Painters District Council 14 Delegates

Andrew Perch

Matt Chamorro

Jose Acala

Dues Information

Effective January 1, 2019, quarterly dues are $152.00. Mail to: Painters Local 184, P.O. Box 69, Minooka, IL 60447 on the 1st of each quarter.

Local Union Meetings

Marrs-Meyer American Legion

11001 S. Depot St.
Worth, IL 60482

3rd Wednesday of the month

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