Local #830

Founded in 1902.

Business Representatives / Organizers

Kenneth Kazaitis - Field Representative


Mark O’Donnell - Financial Secretary / Treasurer

John Mitchell - President

James Fitzpatrick - Vice President

Kenneth Kazaitis - Recording Secretary

Humberto Lopez - Warden


Donald Stonis

Travis Ter Haar

Phetsakhone Mixayvanh

Painters District Council 14 Delegates

Mark O’Donnell

Kenneth Kazaitis

Phetsakhone Mixayvahn

Travis Ter Haar

Executive Board Members

Scott Knox

Daniel Evenhouse

William Lavery

Chicago Federation of Labor Delegates

Mark O’Donnell

John Mitchell

Kenneth Kazaitis

Dues Information

Metal Polishers dues are deducted from paycheck. Send all other dues to: Local #830, 9748 S. Roberts Rd. #7, Palos Hills, IL 60465

Local Union Meetings

Marrs-Meyer American Legion Hall

11001 S. Depot St.
Worth, IL 60482

2nd Monday of the month

Photo Gallery