STAR Training Schedule

STAR Training Schedule

April 1 is the beginning of the Annual STAR Year. Classes are held at the Apprenticeship School. You must meet these requirements:

  1. You must be a journeyman.
  2. You must be in good standing throughout the program year.
  3. Working hour requirements: 800 hours are needed to qualify for the Tier I prize drawing. 300 hours are needed to qualify for the Tier II prize drawing.
  4. 10 credits of any safety class are needed to qualify for one (1) ticket to be entered into the drawing. After that, any 30 credits, whether safety, skills, or a combination of both, will qualify you for a second ticket to be entered in the drawing. There is a two (2) ticket maximum. Only one (1) prize per participant is allowed.
  5. Class registration must be done online at
  6. NOTE: the following classes must be registered two (2) weeks prior to the class start date and CAN ONLY be registered by calling the JATC front office at 708-449-5282. The classes include: C-3, C-5, C-7, RRP, First Aid/CPR, and Illinois Lead Worker.
  7. You should visit the website for continuous updates on scheduled classes and/or changes. If a class is marked “FULL”, you may contact the JATC for any possible cancellations.
  8. If you have two (2) No Call/No Shows for any class, you will be disqualified for that STAR year.
  9. Unregistered walk-ins to any class will not be allowed.
  10. First time STAR participants are required to give their full Social Security Number in order to receive STAR credit. When taking subsequent classes, only your last 4 digits will be required.
  11. Participants may only win one (1) vehicle within their lifetime while participating in the STAR Program.
  12. You must register two (2) weeks prior to the class starting date.
  13. You must show a current quarter Union card in order to receive STAR Credit.
  14. You must complete and pass the entire course to receive STAR credit.

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