Local #194

Founded in October 1890.


On October 1st, 1890, Local Union No. 194 was organized under the name of the Scandinavian Local Union No. 194 of the Brotherhood of Painters and Decorators of America.

The first regular meeting was held at 54 West Lake Street on October 9th, 1890. On March 1st, 1903, 86 candidates were initiated, a record that has never been equaled or surpassed. At one time in history, Local Union 194 had its own library established where members were able to check out books to further their own knowledge. Local 194 was the largest in the International with 10,000 members, and because of this the Local ‘Flag/Banner’ is at the Chicago Historical Society. It was the first local in the United States to have its members examined by medical authorities in an effort to determine health hazards in the Painting Industry and to gather statistics relative to occupational diseases and accidents. It was the only union in the world to furnish such information to the International Trade Union Movement. In 1910, the Local Union was a moving factor in the dissolution of Painters District Council 3 and the organization of Painters District Council 14. Our own Brother A.C. Anderson became the first Secretary-Treasurer. Local Union 194 has always favored higher wages and shorter hours; in 1913 we advocated the adoption of the six – hour day and the five – day week. After a strenuous effort we were able to finally be successful in accomplishing our goal. Local Union 194 has always been about the members and for the members.

Business Representatives / Organizers

Daniel Granadon - Field Representative

P: 312.415.1967


George Arzola - President

Thomas May - Vice President

Daniel Granadon - Treasurer

Stanley Szczelasczyk - Warden

Tim Goodwin - Financial Secretary

Mike Arzola - Recording Secretary


Brian Edwards

Colin Wood

George Tracy

Painters District Council 14 Delegates

Dan Granadon

Thomas May

Tim Goodwin

Chicago Federation of Labor Delegates

Dan Granadon

Thomas May

Tim Goodwin

Colin Wood

Local Office and Union Meetings


3015 N. Austin Ave.
Chicago, IL 60634

1st and 3rd Monday of the month

Dues Information

Effective January 1, 2019, quarterly union dues are $152.00. Send to office at 3015 N. Austin Ave., Chicago, IL 60634 on the 1st of each quarter.

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