Membership Benefits Resources

Reference the resources below to access helpful member information: enter the secure member portal, find a doctor or dentist, view and register for Journeyman programs or STAR training courses, view and register as a volunteer for political activities, find helpful services offered by the Membership Assistance Program (MAP), request a drug test, and find Glaziers Local 27 information.

Member Portal

Enter the Secure Member Portal to view specific information about your PDC14 work history, Health & Wellness benefits usage, quarterly eligibility, and pension status.

Member Dues

Members can now pay their dues online.

Find a Doctor

View step-by-step instructions for finding an in-network doctor.

Find a Dentist

View step-by-step instructions for finding an in-network dentist.

Journeyman Programs/STAR Training

The Safety Training Awards Recognition (STAR) Program is an innovative effort by Painters District Council No. 14 and our employer partners, Chicago PDCA/FCA and MWCC, working through the JATF/DFTC School to create fresh incentives for Safety Training and Continuing Education within the Union workforce.

Political Action

Join our Political Action Team, view and register for volunteer activities, and access valuable voter resources.

Membership Assistance Program (MAP)

The Membership Assistance Program (MAP) offers counseling services designed to help you and your family deal with a variety of life situations, such as: alcohol and drug abuse, marital and family conflicts or issues, and other personal and emotional challenges.

Request a Drug Test

Submit this form to request a voluntary drug test at an approved drug test facility.

Glaziers Local 27

For more information on the Glaziers Union Local #27