Journeyman Programs

STAR Program

Journeyman Programs

The Safety Training Awards Recognition (STAR) Program is an innovative effort by Painters District Council No. 14 and our employer partners, Chicago PDCA/FCA and MWCC, working through the JATC/DFTC School to create fresh incentives for Safety Training and Continuing Education within the Union workforce.

The STAR Program requires at least 800 consecutive hours of work to qualify for inclusion in the program and provides the opportunity for participants to win very substantial prizes. A minimum of 10 credits of safety training is worth one ticket to use for the STAR program. 30 additional credits of safety and/or skills classes will give you one additional ticket for STAR drawings. If this is your first class, your full social security number is required for STAR credit.

A banquet is held for STAR participants at the end of the year. All qualified members will be entered into a drawing to win a variety of prizes, one of which is a new vehicle (one prize per participant). In addition, every STAR attendee will receive a valuable door prize.